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Who We Are


Set Sail is embarking on a journey to give people simple, natural food. 


Simon the founder and cook of Set Sail is from a small village in east Cork South Ireland. He grew up cooking in his mother’s kitchen and learned to appreciate what it means to cook everything from scratch with fresh biological, homemade produce. He started cooking at a very young age and got his first job with Saturday Pizzas which opened the door for him into the food world.
When he was 15 years old he travelled to South America where his brother’s family was living. There he discovered different foods and different cooking cultures. This trip was the seed that started his passion for food and travel. 


In order to attain a qualification, he went to Italy to do the Master of Italian Cuisine in the Italian culinary Institute by chef John Nocita. There he learned to cook in real, traditional Italian ways. He wanted to see more and explored different places around the world. Throughout this time he absorbed as much as he could in the food world. 

Simon met his girlfriend Kimberly and moved to Switzerland just as the Covid 19 pandemic hit, together they came up with the concept of Set Sail. Kimberly is a fashion technologist and manages all the design aspects of the company.


Inspired by all Simon had learnt throughout his travels, he focused on mastering the art of sourdough pizza, he loves the fact that he can create his own yeast which makes every pizza so unique. With simple natural ingredients he can create an amazing pizza using his sourdough culture and fresh produce from the surrounding countryside. 

Simon makes every pizza by hand, cooks them in a wood fired oven and cools and freezes them. Set Sail offers Margherita pizzas and Prosciutto & Funghi.

Each Pizza is hand made with a lot of love

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